It’s 2016, Do You Know Where Your Liberties Are?

Our Constitution, the greatest document ever written, the only thing that stands between us and pure, unadulterated Tyranny.

Almost everyone knows we have a Constitution. Very few people ever discuss the Constitution, even a smaller number of people ever actually read the Constitution, and given the great numbers of citizens in this country, virtually no one has ever taken the time to study the Constitution and apply it to our present form of government.

In the 1st place. The Constitution is overwhelming. Even though it’s not that large a document, it’s written in the language of the times when it was created. Therefore, words have different meanings today and the natural jargon of the time is very unfamiliar to us. The idea here is to help as many people as possible understand the Constitution and present it in a form that can be easily understood by modern day citizens.

To achieve this, I propose the "Constitutional Guard", an institution with chapters and members across the country coming together to educate themselves and help their neighbors understand the Constitution of the United States. An online guide if you would, that helps concerned citizens set up actual meeting places where local groups can come together and compare notes, not only about the content of the Constitution but what the Constitution means and how to ensure that the Constitution is closely followed by our government.

What is the Constitution? The Constitution is a blueprint, a set of plans, operating instructions just like the instructions that come with any appliance that you buy or any gift you receive. The Constitution is a set of operating instructions for a Constitutional Republic, our form of government. Although very few of us actually read the instructions we all understand that they're an intricate part of operating the system successfully. Following the instructions adds longevity and aids in the smooth operation of the system.

What the Constitutional Guard hopes to accomplish is to get people across the country to come together in small groups to gain a greater understanding of the Constitution and how it affects their daily lives. How it affects the operation of government, to ensure that this great country remains a Republic and is not turned into a Democracy or some other form of government that renders the citizenry poor, uneducated and dependent. Take a moment to look around at our society. The gap between the very rich and very poor is broader than it ever has been, the dumbing down of America has taken its toll across the board, economically, socially and morally, and the number of people dependent on handouts is staggering. The answer to every problem that plagues our great country lies in the Constitution, and will lie there idle until we the people embrace, reinstate and understand the power of our great Constitution.

Weekly seminars will be issued and each group will discuss the content and report back with their individual comments and critiques. As new groups form and membership expands we will be creating a national database, a collection of ideas, thoughts and the solutions that will guide, “We the People” to gaining more control over our out-of-control government.

Let’s begin. Sign up today and receive your 1st issue.

It Is Time For All Good Men
To Come To The Aid Of Their Country!
Their Constitution!