Gun Control

Gun control, guns are not the problem the problem is the people that are using them. The focus is being put on guns because our second amendment rights as everybody says or our guns are going away. Take the San Bernardino shooting for instance. The people that did that had been in and out of the country two or three times they had ties to every so called radical group, that I’ve heard of. These people easily slip in and out of the country, under the radar, execute a superb act of guerrilla warfare, in true world war three style, all while communicating on face book. While your grandmother has to take her shoes off to get on an airplane. And somehow that is being turned around to be our fault because we have guns. That was a breach of security, plain and simple. Make no mistakes, this is the disarmament of America, and a fine job they’re doing of it too. This is not the time for people that live outside the castle wall to be giving up their guns.

As a side thought, I wonder who or what the target in these raids are. In any good spy novel there would be a central figure in each of the raids that would be the target everyone else would be collateral damage. Although I fully understand the power of random acts of terror I do wonder if these people are being sent after specific targets.

It Is Time For All Good Men
To Come To The Aid Of Their Country!

Their Constitution!