5 Marks - The great American Handout

Let’s think for a moment about all the American citizens displaced from employment and on the government dole. Reminiscent of a program instituted in Germany during Adolf Hitler’s reign of power, the “Five Marks” program. The goal in that case was to render the people so poor that they would do anything for five marks. “Anything”, consisted of what ever the dictator asked, whether it be morally, socially, or humanly correct. Most commonly the dictator asked that the citizens or general public report to the government any and all actions by their neighbors that was considered to be improper by the dictator.

Let’s fast forward to today and the conditions under which our government operates. Rendering a portion of our population dependent for basic needs such as food, employment, child care, medical attention, and general welfare, even cash, to mention just a few. Once this portion of the population is totally dependent on government aid they would do anything to perpetuate their existence. Perpetuity could consist of reporting to your government information such as, my neighbor owns a gun, my neighbor speaks badly of our government, my neighbor is a Christian or my neighbor hands out copies of the constitution. The government could then use this information to admonish, imprison, or even eradicate any individual that held views contrary to their own. A reward of as little as five marks ($2.79) would create a flow of information that would degrade if not totally eradicate our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a democracy or dictatorship.

It Is Time For All Good Men
To Come To The Aid Of Their Country!
Their Constitution!