Suggested Reading

I have read these books and met one of the authors. I hold these people in very high regard and consider them to be friends of the Constitution and patriots of the highest degree.

I suggest that you read these books in the order they are presented. I did, strictly by chance, and as I completed them I understood how they fit so well in this order. Enlightenment and a great education as you go. Of course being familiar with the Constitution and the Declaration will be very helpful but after these books and a reread of our founding documents you will have expanded your knowledge base many times. Warning! Reading these books will also expand your passion, your desire, your willingness and your need to right the wrongs and defend the great documents that built this wonderful country. The United States of America.

This is a great place to start. You'll learn about government, how it works and how it doesn't work. You'll also get an insight of W. Cleon Skousen, the author. A man driven by his beliefs, undeterred by worldly forces and committed to helping his fellow man to understand.

Read between the lines, you'll enjoy and appreciate the author's life. And more so yours.

Glenn Greenwald! What can I say? I had been following him for some time when the Snowden incident broke and it took me some time to digest that matter and come to a self conflicting understanding of it all.

This book is a must read if you're trying to fight the battle that rages within you, "My country's good vs. My country's bad". It gives you facts, just the facts. Thank you Mr. Greenwald.

You'll learn that your country is an excellent one. However, the people in the process of stealing it from you are sinister beyond the most vividly portrayed villain in any Batman movie.

I met Dr. Arnn as he spoke at an event in a not to distant city. I was impressed (amazed actually) at his fluid mannerism as he passed between guests of varying backgrounds and interests. A great man explaining the connect between the Declaration and the Constitution. A sometimes difficult read for a man of my intellect but a worthwhile work if you really want to understand or get a glimpse of the "Big Picture".

I'll cherish my signed copy as long as I have breath to face the enemies of our Constitution.